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Physically Modeled Skin Tones

In this tutorial series, we will cover a novel approach to coloring skin tones in realtime. Our technique will: Generate physically correct skin tones based on Monte Carlo reflectance simulations from spectral absorption data. Enable the realtime changing of skin color, whilst maintaining underlying pigmentation (such as blemishes, scars, moles…

Character Clothing Zone Culling

When creating character clothing systems, overlapping clothing can be an issue (see left). There are several approaches to this, so here we propose a system of “zone culling”, whereby we pre-define sections of mesh that can be dynamically culled in our shader to prevent such overlap.

Approximating Thin Film Interference

Thin Film Interference is an optical effect caused by the constructive & destructive interference of light waves as they pass through a thin medium, such as oil on water. This only occurs when the thickness of the film is in the range of the wavelengths of visible light, in nm.

Modern realtime solutions are either inaccurate or expensive, here I try to solve that by using a look-up table.



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