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Custom MIP Levels


I wanted to research an easy way of creating every MIP level of a texture in Unreal (and any other engine), in such a way that I could create a unique image, or use custom filters or effects at every MIP level. This would let…

Character Clothing Zone Culling


Table of Contents Character Clothing Zone Culling Character Clothing – Part 2: Maya Character Clothing – Part 3: UE4 Shaders Character Clothing – Part 4: UE4 Logic Introduction When developing characters with multiple layers of clothing, it is very possible you’ll end up with this…

How I Work: Maya, Qt & PySide


[I’m improving this page, WIP] There are plenty of ways to get up to speed with an IDE for developing Maya tools & plugins. Anecdotally, I’ve found not many studios enforce a particular IDE for Maya development, so this is how I’ve usually got mine…

Quick Tip: Sort Translucency (UE4)


If you’ve ever made translucent objects in Unreal Engine, or Unity (or just about any modern 3D engine), you’ll have possibly encountered this issue, where parts of your mesh render incorrectly infront or behind of itself. Why does this happen? The UE4 renderer will render…

Physically Modeling Skin Tones


Some of the types of effects you can achieve In this tutorial series, we will cover a novel approach to coloring skin tones in realtime. Our technique will: Generate physically correct skin tones based on Monte Carlo reflectance simulations from spectral absorption data. Enable the…



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